SPE KL Young Professionals

Are you a member age 35 or younger? Then you’ve found your community here at SPE.

SPE’s YP programs help you connect more closely with peers and mentors, acquire professional and soft skills, and gain insights to advance your career.

Educational and Networking Opportunities

Ambassador Lecturer Program

Engage the next generation of oil and gas professionals! The Ambassador Lecturer Program invites Young Professionals to present and share their experiences with local SPE chapters, universities, and schools.

Career Pathways Fair

The Career Pathways Fair gives you a chance to meet with specialists from multiple disciplines and gain insight into possible career paths. Held several times throughout the year, this event provides students, recent graduates, and Young Professionals an opportunity to speak with experienced professionals in an informal environment. Email us to find out more.


Gain industry insights and practical career advice from experienced professionals through the eMentoring program. Young Professionals also have the unique opportunity to serve as mentors to students.

Emerging Leaders Alliance

The Emerging Leaders Alliance is a partnership among leading engineering and science-based organizations that provides high-quality leadership training. For any questions, please contact the Young Member Programs Team at yp@spe.org.

League of Volunteers

Give back to SPE and the industry with the League of Volunteers! Opportunities are available for Young Professionals to participate, run, and develop various soft skills events such as communication skills workshops and team building exercises.

Spotlight on Young Professionals shares your achievements

“Spotlight on Young Professionals” allows members to share voluntary contributions and technical achievements. Submit your story today for a chance to be featured in YP Newsflash section of The Way AheadTM. All submissions will be reviewed by the Young Member Engagement Committee.

Young Professional Summit

The Young Professional Summit is a partnership event with petroleum, energy and geology Membership Societies organized by YPs representing each of the member societies involved (SPE, AAPG, EAGE and PESGB). This Summit takes place in the Europe and addresses the concerns of YPs, provide career, political, and technological updates, and provide networking opportunities across the energy sector.

The Young Member Engagement Committee (YMEC) ensures young professional and student engagement remains a top priority for SPE. YMEC members play a crucial role in developing and implementing valuable programs and activities for SPE young members worldwide.​

YP Events

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