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Energy4Me @ SK La Salle

Energy4me program for primary school in Klang aimed to inoculate awareness on science and energy and cultivate interest to be associated with the industry in future. Over 200 students at SK La Salle, Klang for the Energy4me program by SPE Kuala Lumpur Section with the student sections. Every child does have the necessary intelligence to live…

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Energy4Me @ SK Bukit Lanjan

The SPE KL, Energy4Me program at SK Bukit Lanjan was a resounding success, with students eager to learn about energy, oil, and gas in a fun and interactive way.πŸ”₯✨ πŸ”₯Thanks to the warm welcome and enthusiastic spirit of the SK Bukit Lanjan community, the program achieved its objective of providing students with exposure to this…

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Young Professionals! Especially those in Sabah In collaboration with SOGCE, The NextGen Energy Leader Programme invites Young Professionals of 36 years old of age or less than 10 years of work experince to engage in industry discourse with distiguished energy professionals and network with like-minded peers. This event is tailored for young professionals to learn…

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